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Our dedicated staff at Infinity Assurance Group has more than 50 years’ experience in marketing and placing Surety . Bonding is frequently required when entering into a Public Works contract, but can also be useful as a business development tool for financial institutions, contractors and other businesses.

The ability to obtain bonds can differentiate otherwise similar businesses. It shows that your ability to perform at a high level has been analyzed by an independent third party. You have the experience and ability to perform. You have the financial capacity to undertake larger projects than your peers, and you have the character to stand behind your work. You’ll be there when others might 'cut and run'.

We have extensive experience in all forms of bonding, including:

  • Contract Performance and Payment
  • Finance Lender Bonds
  • Warranty
  • Subdivision Off-site, On-site, Property Tax, etc.
  • Supply
  • Area Franchise i.e. Agreements by Trash Haulers with Municipalities to collect in certain areas
  • Court Bonds Probate, Estate, Trustee, Appeal, etc.
  • License & Permit
  • Sales Tax

We take great pride in the relationships we have built with quality sureties over the years. Our underwriters know from past dealings that we look for accounts that meet their specific underwriting requirements. We don’t waste their time, so they know we’ve done part of their work for them – and based on their experience with us, it’s been done right!